4 people, leasecredi consultants

At the beginning of the month, we dealt with the issue of Debt Consolidation through its definition, which is a financial product that allows consolidating the debts assumed through loans or mortgages, with the possibility of consolidating them in a single installment- ლ(!ლ) help with debt consolidation look at these guys. Naturally, for this operation, there is a need for great commitment on the part of the consultant and above all great skills in solving problems and absolute availability towards the client.

Our agency Leasecredi has a good fortune and the skill of having chosen consultants that reflect our values, from reliability to authoritativeness. Their years of experience with the Cessione del Quinto allow them to find the best solution for the case presented to them, in the shortest possible time. Today we tell you some stories through the experience of Alessandra and Antonio consultants.

Alessandra tells us how to obtain liquidity in the most difficult cases


“I talk to you about a client who needed liquidity because he had to treat his dental problems urgently, but he had a foreclosure relating to food and a recent sale of the fifth. We, unfortunately, had our hands tied. Naturally, we did not lose heart, on the contrary, we saw the problem as a challenge to be solved, above all we perceived the drama that people were facing and for this, they could not work hard to find the solution. We, therefore, assisted the client in his request for “Balance and Excerpt”, ie a settlement offer, an agreement that defines the dispute between the creditor and the debtor. Replaces the previous debt with another reduced, but the payment of which is for sure. Therefore the creditor waives the executive actions and the debtor agrees to immediately pay a lower sum accepted by the creditor, once the amount is paid then the debtor is free from any commitment. This allowed us to eliminate the attachment withholding by entering the loan by proxy and, by difference, the client obtained the liquidity he needed and we managed to solve a problem that not everyone would have solved because not everyone would have the capacity and the passion for being able to do it. ”

Again Alessandra tells us how the biggest problems can be solved


“I can also tell of another experience, we could not finance the customer because in the certificate of salary there was an Equitalia attachment in the queue, in addition to the one already present in the envelope that we had to pay off with our financing. We have therefore managed to assist the client in his request and obtain payment of the installment of the debt from Equitalia a debt installment eliminating the same in the certificate of salary the same attachment in the queue, had no more reason to exist. Thanks to our stubbornness we were able to solve this problem and the customer were satisfied, giving himself a nice period of serenity, ready to start his life again. “

Now we hear Antonio telling us about his experience


“I always remember this experience with great emotion, in fact, I was contacted by a pensioner, he was really recently retired, due to disability. In fact, he had an accident in the building site where he worked, a dispute has opened with a bank, this due to the period of absence from work. We have worked hard to help him and find the most suitable solution, we have supported him during his request for “Balance and Excess”, this has allowed him to keep the ownership of the house, his pension has been renovated and more importantly: the son and his family live in the house, thanks to our commitment and our reliability we can say that we are satisfied with the work we do by helping those in need. “




We remind you that our consultations are always free and that we put all our experience into the service only in order to help our clients obtain financing that improves their situation and that does not make the situation worse, because all our advice, our every evaluation, every our analysis and verification is always free and has the purpose to help the client to understand how to solve a given situation.
Often for many of us some things are safe, like having your own home and your financial stability, but this is not necessarily a security for everyone, every day there are those who fight battles in order to give the best to their family, those in financial difficulty and risk losing their homes and not being able to give their children a future. We must be satisfied with what we have and appreciate more and more the work of those who, with total honesty, help those who every day have their own battles and want nothing more than to win some of them.